What are you likely to experience when you visit an Adventist worship service?

That will depend partly on the size and make-up of the congregation. Our church offers the following services to help meet the needs of our members and our community. We encourage you to join us anytime for worship!

Sabbath Services

Our day of worship is on Saturday. Services typically start at 9:15 am and consist of two sections, Sabbath School and Divine Hour.

Sabbath School

This is a time when classes are offered for more in-depth Bible study, open group discussions and Christian fellowship. Bible stories and activities are provided for the various age groups.

Divine Hour

This is the time when the sermon is delivered by the church pastor, a visiting minister, or a church leader. For those of our friends who cannot make it to a full Sabbath celebration, we encourage you not to miss this section of the service!

Weekday Services

During the week, we provide an opportunity for strengthening your Christian experience and fellowship with these options.

Sunday Evening

Typically, an evangelistic type of service. It varies from church to church. Visit a church near you for more information on start times and service content.

Wednesday Night

This is the time for spiritual refreshing, and the service’s focus is on prayer.

Open Air Services

These are services held in the community outside of a church building. It is an engaging service that members of our community are invited to stand/sit and be a part of.